Avianca Virtual Group is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization for the mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight. We are dedicated to providing the best possible Virtual Airline experience you can find. Our vast collection of mainline, subsidiary, and codeshare routes reach all over the globe while utilizing nearly every aircraft type in the sim. Only have time for a short haul? We've got you covered. What about an ultra long haul? We've got you covered there, too.


Our Fleet

Our diverse fleet is the heart and soul of the VA. It's what attracts most pilots - which is why we boast a massive range of aircraft, both codeshare and mainline, that covers nearly every aircraft type in the simulator. From the little CRJ-200 all the way up to the massive A380, you'll never get bored of flying!

Our Routes

With mainline, subsidiary, and codeshare routes, we have hundreds upon hundreds of routes available to you. Explore all corners of the globe right from your fingertips. From short hops 75 miles away, all the way to 8,500 mile intercontinental routes, there's a route for you!

Our Ranks

Our ranking system is designed to replicate a real-world airline - you start off small, but as you progress through the ranks, you earn access to bigger aircraft and more routes. 

Our LiveFlight Map



Have a question? Don't hesitate to ask us! There are several ways of contacting us - the IFC, Instagram, or personally sending a message to our staff members. 








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